Belfast Free Library's COVID-19 Community Archives Project


Belfast Free Library's COVID-19 Community Archives Project

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The Belfast Free Library’s COVID-19 Community Archives Project is part of a collaborative effort to document life in Belfast and Waldo County during the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to share stories, images, and other items that illustrate your pandemic experiences so that future generations will understand how COVID-19 impacted our community.


Belfast Free Library


Belfast, Maine
Waldo County, Maine

Collection Items

A Scratch on the Record
Poem depicting how Covid-19 has interrupted our lives.

Signs of Pandemic
March 20, 2020, I ventured out as sunrise was unfolding to look for photo opportunities. The harbor area was too dark to be interesting because of the dense fog, so I walked into the center of town. There I noticed some of the signs on restaurant and…
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