All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues


All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues

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All of Belfast: Climate Dialogues is a community memory project of the Belfast Free Library. In this online platform we are collecting and sharing Belfast area residents’ observations, perspectives, concerns and hopes about climate change impacts in our region at this critical time, as a benchmark for future reference ~ and perhaps as a catalyst for taking action now.


Belfast Free Library


Belfast, Maine
Waldo County, Maine

Collection Items

Ripe Tomatoes in July?!
When we built our house 35 years ago our tomatoes never turned red, we picked them green before the frost in October and ripened them on the windowsill. Now our tomatoes turn red by mid-July!

Climate Crisis Is Impacting Our Farm in Subtle, and Many, Ways
Dickey Hill Farm post on Facebook, July 28, 2021:Spending some time internalizing that the climate crisis is impacting our farm in both more ways and more subtle ways than I anticipated. It is shallow breathing from wildfire smoke that has blown in…

This video is of the culvert at the end of our driveway, during torrential rains (2" plus?) on July 9, 2021. We've never seen water spurting like this before - it was due to the high volume and hydraulic pressure buildup with the water level being…

Where Are All the Bees?
My husband and I have a small homestead in Belfast. We've lived here for 10 years, and one of our favorite things is to walk around observing all the pollinators - especially the native bees and honeybees. In years past we have been able to stand by…
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