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This is a series of e-mails John sent to his Advisees and some former advisees during the spring and summer of 2020 dealing with the Pandemic and our responses.

This material was submitted by the faculty member through the COA COVID-19 Community…

A set stage in Gates Auditorium is ready to virtually host Hillary Rodham Clinton, the keynote speaker of the Champlain Institute.

The Champlain Institute is a week-long ideas festival which hosts leaders from around the country and the world to…

Screenshot of an important update from President Collins posted on the COVID-19 Response website.

Gardening in the time of COVID-19. The COA Community Garden gate padlocked with a "garden closed" sign.

Illustration titled barbijo, which is Spanish for surgical mask.

The material was submitted by the student through the COA COVID-19 Community Archive Project Google Form.
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