Archives Covid-19


Archives Covid-19


Jaeger, Sandy




Patten Free Library (Bath)


On March 8 we went to a glorious Oratorio Chorale concert in Portland but were already concerned about being close to others, and so we decided to self-isolate. But March 16 would be Ole’s 85th birthday and the day before two neighbors who had been self-isolating came to our home for a celebratory dinner and that was to be our last close contact with anyone.

Since that day, we have remained at home except for our sunshiny day exercise walks where we are careful to stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone we encounter along the trail. Heartbroken when Reid State Park closed, we did find other lovely areas in Georgetown to walk and glimpse the ocean so our souls would not shrivel. We learned how to Zoom, had online meetings and classes and continued our usual involvements.

But what to do about eggs,milk, fresh fruit, vegetables...even luxuries like chocolate and wine? Well, no need to worry, Georgetowners to the rescue. Gleaning and community food donations immediately began. And, there were generous friends who willingly went to the supermarkets, stood on lines, followed the rules and agreeably contended with the onerous tasks of finding foods from unfamiliar lists. Yes, surely they could find the ultra thin supreme pizza, the blueberry tea (decaf if you please) and the Dark Chocolate Nuggets. The groceries and goodies would be brought to our downstairs door and with the beep of the horn, we would be supplied yet again, week after week.

We need to single out Lara Park, a single parent with a lovely son Alex, and her parents Christy and Steve Goold who always remembered us on weekly shopping forays and offered us friendship, smiles and graciousness. (And Lara somehow managed to complete her BA coursework and graduates with honors this week.) And Roger Bogart, not much younger than we are, who filled in with the inexpensive wine and some extras. (Photos to follow)

We are grateful for the fact that we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of our chance meeting in Oslo on May 18, 1960 and that we still cherish spending our days of isolation together and live in a spacious home in a glorious community.

We are sad for all those who live alone and we try to maintain regular contact with these friends and neighbors and of course are deeply concerned for our state, our nation and the world.

We anticipate that our self quarantine will remain in place until safe, effective vaccinations can be available along with successful treatments. We mourn those whose lives were cut short and are appreciative of our Governor, the state staff, our CDC Director Dr. Shah, our State Legislators, Our US Rep Pingree and Senator King, and most importantly our valiant health care workers and all those who showed up at work to provide essential services.

And, we dearly miss our Patten Free Library.


Jaeger, Sandy, “Archives Covid-19,” Maine Contemporary Archives, accessed July 1, 2022,

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