Signs of Pandemic


Signs of Pandemic


March 20, 2020, I ventured out as sunrise was unfolding to look for photo opportunities. The harbor area was too dark to be interesting because of the dense fog, so I walked into the center of town. There I noticed some of the signs on restaurant and business doorways that explained the business closures. After reading a few I was struck with the documentary evidence they presented of the emerging pandemic.

I was also struck with the wide range of messages that were being conveyed. Some were short and business-like. Others were long and detailed. Others were warm and comforting.

It occurred to me that if I could capture these images at this one point in time, at the end of a turbulent week when everyone’s world was tossed upside down, it would show how our city was responding to this tragic crisis. So I walked the downtown area snapping each sign that mentioned a closure due to the pandemic. As I drove home I also stopped at some additional locations. In the end I obtained over 3 dozen images.

I worked on how to present them over the weekend. I ended up designing a photo essay in the form of a slide show.

When you watch it I hope you see the character of our city, a community that responded swiftly and thoroughly, with intelligence and caring.

While we plan for the increasingly difficult circumstances we face, today I am proud of Belfast, my hometown.


Chamberlin, Doug




Belfast Free Library


Chamberlin, Doug, “Signs of Pandemic,” Maine Contemporary Archives, accessed November 27, 2022,

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