About MCA

MCA began in April 2020, when archivists and librarians in Maine began meeting to share ideas for building community-based archives to document the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, these cultural heritage professionals formed the Maine Contemporary Archives Collaborative, a network that connects digital archives projects from across the state.

Participation in MCA is open to not-for-profit organizations and individuals based in Maine. Benefits of participation include:

  • Access to tools for building and sharing digital collections, including technology kits and the Omeka.net platform.
  • A forum to exchange ideas, network with other professionals, and take part in skill shares. 
  • Support in managing local projects, including technology help and template documents.
  • Support in building equitable partnerships to collect materials that represent diverse communities in Maine.
  • Cooperative outreach opportunities including a shared website, themed submission drives, joint exhibits, educational resources, and public events.