Technology Kits

MCA is piloting a program to lend technology kits to Maine libraries and community organizations. Both kits include ideas and guidance for using the equipment to engage your community (see sidebar). 

Use this form to request a kit.

Available kits:

  • The Audio Recording Kit includes a Tascam D-40X Audio Recorder and accessories. Use this kit to record interviews, soundscapes, and other audio materials.
  • The Digitization Kit includes a ScanJig, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and accessories. Use this kit to digitize photos and documents, or to create new audio-visual media.

Here’s what our kit testers say:

“I think the digitization kit is a great choice for any organization interested in exploring a variety of projects, since you can record audio and video as well as digitize images and documents. It’s a great tool for discovering the possibilities of technology in organizations connected in any way, large or small, to cultural heritage.” Renee Burkett, McArthur Library, Biddeford

“The audio kit is fun! I wandered around for a bit capturing everyday sounds…I started listening to the world around me in a whole different way.” Gabrielle Daniello, Portland Public Library, Portland

“What an opportunity for small institutions to try before they buy! This initiative also makes equipment available for special community projects for those who cannot afford to purchase them. It is also a way to reach out to community organizations in order to offer the equipment to them for their use.” Candis Joyce, Bangor Public Library, Bangor