Where Are All the Bees?



Where Are All the Bees?


My husband and I have a small homestead in Belfast. We've lived here for 10 years, and one of our favorite things is to walk around observing all the pollinators - especially the native bees and honeybees. In years past we have been able to stand by a mixed-cover-crop garden, listening to the steady loud hum of bees on the flowers.

The last couple years, but especially this season, we have observed a steep decline in the number of bees and other pollinators. Farmer friends we have talked to shared similar observations - saying "it's distressing" and "it's freaking me out." We don't like the quiet... where are all the bees?

We have wondered if the extreme hot weather days are affecting them. Drought conditions... too much rain... warmer winters - are these factors in bee decline, in addition to shrinking habitats and food sources? Is there anything we can do to help bees adjust? Our ideas so far include providing more shade (the humans need it too!), and making sure fresh water is available. We continue to let some crops and plants go to flower to provide more food. And less mowing (which is a tradeoff in trying to keep the number of ticks down!), so there is more habitat and more wild food sources available.


Mallar, Misty




Belfast Free Library


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